Short, gritty reads for 12 plus

Rob has two dads.
The real one - whol walked out.
The stepdad - who walked in and took Dad's place.
Who should Rob hate?
Who can he trust?

About USELESS Tanya writes:
"This is probably the most personal book I've ever written. It's fiction - so nothing in it actually happened to me - but it does have its roots in real life. Stepdads sometimes get a bad press, and it's often a thankless role to be in. This is a bit of positive PR for them.
I was really pleased when it was published by Barrington Stoke. They produce superb short, punchy, well-written reads, and I feel honoured to be on their list!"

Two friends.
A hiking trip.
A mistake that changes everything....

About TWO WORDS Tanya writes:
"A friend of my mum's was talking about what the two saddest words were. The idea of two words summing up some life shattering event stuck in my head. For a long time the idea did nothing but sit at the back of my mind. But at last it shaped itself into a story. Two Words is the result."